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About Alpha

At Strauss Group we realized that in order to compete successfully in the global and domestic markets we must stand at the forefront of food technology. To this end, we started the Alpha Strauss venture, which aims to promote and create a complete ecosystem in relevant technologies to the food industry.



Migration Technology Definition

"Migration" is the term we use for "pilot ready" or "off the shelf technologies" that match concrete business needs of our companies. We use our deep understanding of these technological needs for "Creative Matching" of external solutions. Migrating technologies go on a fast track directly to our Business Units while keeping track and support of the Alpha team. The Alpha team is briefed by our businesses, and holds a comprehensive map of their technological challenges, from cost, quality, and creating value to consumers. We actively seek technological solutions that are short to mid-term, and therefore are either "pilot ready" or "off the shelf".

“Crossing oceans of doubt and disciplines by creative matching of pilot ready and off the shelf solutions to solid business ground”


Breakthrough Technology Definition

Breakthrough is the term we use for early stage (POC or even earlier), technologies that represent a needle moving commercial potential in Strauss terms. We will be ready to invest the time and the money to develop such opportunities, technology and business model, until a ready for commercialization stage. To come to practice, when an opportunity of this kind, will be suggested to us and after we will validate its attributes (uniqueness, TTM, needed resources, business potential and the value that Strauss can add to its success) and after we will have an initial commercial understandings with the entrepreneur, we will approve a development framework and budget and open a joined project with the entrepreneur.

"To show how to change a current market or creating a new one based on a technological innovation this is Breakthrough"


Jameel Istaitih

Director of industry 4.0 & Engineering

Prof. Eyal Shimoni

CTO, VP Technology

Giora Bardea

President and CEO

Dagan Eshel

Head of Alpha Strauss

Ayala Biran

Office Manager

Gil Kalmanovich

Project Manager


The Alpha venture aims to promote and create a complete ecosystem in relevant technologies to the food industry. The venture was established with the understanding that a large industrial entity was needed in order to link the numerous research institutes, researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, investors and food corps considering all governmental regulation and available technological assets.

The Kitchen – Funding for early stage FoodTech ventures

The Kitchen is Strauss-Group technological incubator. It is Israel's first and only FoodTech focused incubator, and is a part of the Israeli Innovation Authority (IIA) incubators' program. The Kitchen provides funding and support for early stage FoodTech ventures in all areas of the F&B value chain, from post-harvest to plate.



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