Our Vision

At Strauss Group we realized that in order to compete successfully in the global and domestic markets, we must stand at the forefront of food technology. To this end, we started the Alpha Strauss venture, which aims to promote and create a complete ecosystem in relevant technologies to the food industry.

Alpha Venture

The venture was established with the understanding that a large industrial entity was needed in order to link the numerous research institutes, researchers, inventors and entrepreneurs to the market; help them understand consumer trends and the industry challenges; and enable them to use its assets (laboratories, technologists, production lines, etc.) as a test site for new technologies before they are turned into products.

Nurturing the FoodTech community

Alpha engages in the connection between the “technology manufacturers” and venture capital funds, market service providers, government representatives, our strategic partners and more. This reflects the understanding that the creation of a FoodTech community in Israel can only occur if all players within the ecosystem take part in it.


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