Connecting the FoodTech community “dots”


Entrepreneurs are the engine that drive any ecosystem, they see the opportunity and are ready to step over the hurdles, they contagious with enthusiasm others and make things happen. Since we are managing an open platform for the purpose of turning a technological innovation to a value for the society, and thus for the technology owners and Strauss. Entrepreneurs are a crucial and very welcomed entity in the equation.


Since Alpha Strauss concept is usually not about trading technology, but enjoying its fruits, and since entrepreneurs and startups usually need funding, there is an open door for collaboration with investors, if you think about it it’s a perfect triangle, the entrepreneurs gets funding (from the investors), the investors gets due diligence (from Alpha), and Alpha enjoy from well fund entrepreneurs, which can better promote, the join projects.


Academic partners are key partners for the ecosystem to which they bring their early stage technologies and their knowledge, as well as research infrastructure. Therefore, they can play various roles: from the technology provider through professional support, as well as R&D partner.


Through its R&D supporting systems, the Government is an essential part of the ecosystem. Its agencies are source for R&D infrastructure, creating global opportunities for collaboration, facilitating non-competitive research as well as source of funding for various tech development and deployment stages.

Food Corp

Realizing that one company will never represent the full business potential for technological applications, we bring into the ecosystem additional companies that have interest in the FoodTech arena. We hope that such players will become supporters like Strauss Group in testing, developing and funding….


Service providers are all those experts that make it possible to take an idea down to earth. The quality of those might be the difference between success and failure. We include under this section, legal advisors, patent attorneys, industrial designers, branding experts, market researchers, financiers etc. The accumulative experience and the strong position of Strauss Group in the ecosystem can help to find a good match between entrepreneurs and service providers.

Promoting the FoodTech Ecosystem

In 2012 we established the Alpha venture in order to promote and create a complete ecosystem in relevant technologies to the food industry, understanding that a large industrial entity was needed in order to link the numerous research institutes, researchers, inventors and entrepreneurs to the market; help them understand consumer trends and challenges of the industry; and enable them to use its assets (laboratories, technologists, production lines, etc.) as a test site for new technologies before they are turned into products.
Alpha also engages in the connection between the “technology manufacturers” and venture capital funds, market service providers, government representatives, our strategic partners and more. This reflects the understanding that the creation of a FoodTech community in Israel can only occur if all players in the ecosystem take part in it.
– As being the home base of Strauss in Israel – one of the most innovative places in the world.
– As the Israeli society, in many ways, is already a kind of community.
– As Strauss Group, because of its diverse portfolio, global footprint, and strength in the local market, is the perfect playing field for food entrepreneurs.
Based on these elements we have developed a totally new approach towards open innovation that turns Strauss Group into a leader and hub of dynamic FoodTech R&D.
We do this by leveraging Strauss group assets in product development, production and route-to-market, with the science, ingenuity and speed of inventors, scientists and entrepreneurs. We believe that together we can develop new and exciting technologies that will be fruitful for consumers, for Strauss Group, for entrepreneurs and for Israel.


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