JVP, the Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA), The Kitchen, Alpha Strauss & New Spirit, are excited to invite you to join us @ SHUKTECH FOODTECH a colourful and tasty celebration of FoodTech and food that will take place in Machane Yehuda Market and a part of SHUKTECH NIGHTS JLM.

SHUKTECH NIGHTS JLM is the first-of-its-kind initiative aimed at connecting the technology communities from all over the country with the amazing culinary, social and cultural experiences of the Machane Yehuda Shuk – one of the most unique symbols of the city of Jerusalem.

During the day, Machane Yehuda is full of fruit stalls, vegetable stands, spice shops, and bakeries, but at night the shuk transforms into a unique experience full of delicious food, craft beers, live music, street art and more.

ShukTech Blvd: Taste, smell, and experience innovative products of food tech startups presenting at booths in the Shuk, with the opportunity to interact directly with the founders themselves!

  1. Ripples : Coffee art
  2. Talking Bread: tailor-made imprints on bread and pasteries
  3. Green Onyx: In-door, automated system to grow supper veggie Khai-Nam
  4. Olfaguard: E-nose capable of smelling pathogens on food
  5. Yofix : non-diary, non-soy, pro-biotic yogurt-style food made of a unique, healthy recipe of cereals, nuts and seeds
  6. DouxMatok: Sugars with enhanced sweetness, enabling the use of considerably less sugar in a variety of food products and beverages while retaining the same “full sugar experience”
  7. Inspecto: portable scanner and “smart-shopping” app to help consumers and businesses identify pesticide residue in food

SHUKTECH FOODTECH is led by by JVP, the Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA), The Kitchen, Alpha Strauss & New Spirit, with the aim to strengthen the foodtech community and create an ecosystem for networking. We will have sessions related to the Foodtech space, held in electrifying, colourful venues at the Machane Yehuda Market: restaurants, bars, and food stalls.

Schedule of Events:

19:00 – Shuttles Leave TLV to JLM (Free. Registration required.)

Shuttles will be leaving from the Arlozorov Terminal (2000 Terminal) in Tel Aviv.

20:00 – Registration at Beit Alliance (2 Ki’akh St., JLM)

Receive your map of the Shuk, schedule of events, and name tag for free drinks.

20:30 – 23:00 SHUK Talks and Networking

First session 20:30 – 21:30

Second session 22:00 – 23:00

Choose a talk for each session

  1. Startup Pitches: Presentations by the most innovative foodtech startups (Unispectral, DouxMatok, Day two, Flying SpArk, Innovopro, Icebow) pitching and answering questionsat BeerBazar.
  2. Science on the Bar: What happens when science meets food to create better products for all of us. Sessions ranging from E-numbers, to cultured meat, to innovation in diet and nutrition at Hashchena
  3. StartUp Toolbox: Different tips and various tools to make your company successful, as shared by top professionals from Deloitte, KPMG, APM and TS Law at Ba La Malabi
  4. Food, FoodTech and everything in between: Broad discussions about future food and how startups can change the food industry, including future food trends, slow food, molecular cuisine and a revolution in food and drugs at Atelier
  5. Coffee with Investors – What investors are seeking within FoodTech. Leading Israeli VCs will share their perspective, with one-on-one sessions with Foodlab Capital, GreenSoil, OurCrowd, and The Kitchen Hub at May Books

21:30 – Networking in the Shuk

Enjoy some free time in the Shuk with live music and good food.

23:15 – Shuttles Leave JLM to TLV



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