Challenges, more details…

What we’re looking for?

We are simply looking for great technologies that can solve the many challenges of the food and beverage industry. Under the broad definition of FoodTech, we need solutions for challenges in product edge, safety and quality, productivity & cost reduction, as well as sustainability. Technologies can come at all stages of maturity, from early stage through prototype as well as fully commercial application. All we ask is: can we benefit from using it in our business?


Key topics for us are:

  • improved nutrition (sugar and salt reduction technologies and ingredients, as well as nutritional enhancers for food and water)
  • stepping up the safety of our products (online quality and safety sensing and detecting of microbial and chemical safety of our products, technologies that can prevent these risks along the value chain – from farm to fork)
  • Industry 4.0 technologies.


Solutions can come from a broad range of technological fields, be it:

  • aggro-tech,
  • raw materials,
  • online and off line sensors and analytics,
  • packaging,
  • processing equipment,
  • new ingredients,
  • big data processing,
  • IoT,
  • and so many more tech platforms.

What we offer


Red carpet in red carpet out is a graphic way to describe our approach towards any entrepreneur, inventor or what we include a foodtech community residence.

That includes using Strauss assets and network to support the entrepreneurial journey of the foodtech community members.

Thus if you look for an expert advice in marketing, logistic, procurement, technology, engineering, law and any other disciplines one would imagine exists, in a corporate like Strauss, we will happily and with no church will connect you to  our experts.

If you need a tour in one of our factories in purpose to look closer at the industry challenges, (and if there is no disclosing issues) we will arrange it for you.

If you look for an outreach for one of our global partners or allies, (and if will see the fit and the right level of innovation), we will make the connection for you.

If you look for funding and miss direct approach to investors (and if we will see your technology as a good investment oportunity), we will connect you to our funding network.

And finally if you have a technology that fits Strauss challenges or can create a new business opportunity for us, we will build together with you a join project plan and find the way to cooperate for the success of both sides.


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