Migration – the proccess

Migrating the proccess

“Migrating technologies” is our jargon to describe pilot ready and off-the-shelf technologies that answer specific needs of Strauss Group.

When you contact us, we will review the fit of your solution to the map of technological needs of our business unit.
Then, we will review with you your technology, and assess its potential fit, as well as “what it takes” to test it.
Then, we will “cook” it with you, in order to present it to our internal teams.

Once an internal team affirms its interest in your solution, we will set road-maps for your technology: technological road-map and business one. We will draft the critical tech milestones we need to go through together in order to apply your solution in our business. Together with you, we will also make sure that if we do eventually use your solution; your business interests will be served.
At this point, the internal business unit will appoint project manager that will be in charge of executing the development plan, and achieving the milestones. Our interest along the way, is to make sure we take this journey together, building shared success.


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